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Allocation of plots 

If you, or your organisation, would like to rent a plot at the Neighbourhood Garden, please contact us using the form on the "Contact" page.

The broad intention in the use of the raised garden beds at the Erindale Neighbourhood Garden is to maximise the number of people who are able to use them to grow produce.

Garden beds are rented on an annual basis.


Number of available raised garden beds: 20


Number of raised garden beds reserved for use by community groups: 10


Number of full-sized raised garden beds available to be rented by individuals: 10

Minimum plot space per individual: 0.5 of one raised garden bed (ie. 1.44 sq m).

Maximum number of garden beds per individual: 2 (provided that there are spare beds available, and there are no other individuals on a waiting list).


Bed allocation is at the discretion of the garden coordinator, taking into account the intentions and purpose of the Neighbourhood Garden, and the guidelines above.

If individuals wish to rent a second garden bed, they may do so provided that if demand exceeds supply, those individuals will surrender, with reasonable notice, the second bed if required.

If plot demand exceeds supply and each existing individual gardener is renting only one bed, a waiting list will be set up.

If garden plots are not being maintained or worked in accordance with the spirit and guidelines of the Garden, plots if left in that neglected state for two months will result in a written warning being issued to the plot holder. Failure to rectify the condition in a timely manner will result in the garden plot being forfeited.

If neglected plots contain seeding weeds the Garden coordinator has the authority to have the weeds removed.

As this is a community garden, plot  holders may need to be involved in the maintenance of shared garden areas and infrastructure at working bees arranged from time to time. 


Rental of a half raised garden bed 1.44 sq m = $25 per year. 

Rental of an entire raised garden bed 2.4m x 1.2m = $50 per year.



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