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NEWS: Community/Education/Training partnership at the Neighbourhood Garden - graduation 16 June 2016

From mid April this year, "Erindale Community Construction" was run as a two day a week course over ten weeks at the Neighbourhood Garden. We were delighted to be chosen as the site for the students to complete their construction projects. The programme was administered by the ACT Education and Training Directorate under its "Flexible Learning" initiative. Twelve high school students drawn from local schools completed practical and theory components to gain up to five competencies from the Certificate I and II in Construction. This Certificate can lead onto further study at public college, CIT, construction RTOs, school based apprenticeships or full-time apprenticeships.

The students, under the supervision and instruction of a Registered Training Organisation, have built some really useful installations at the Garden, including paving under the pergola; building a children's double planter; wheelchair access raised garden bed; standing access raised garden bed; children's "window wall"; xylophone; and a stand for the water tank. [Picture: some of the graduating students at the window wall they built for young children]. The graduation ceremony was a great success, with many parents and family attending to see what terrific work the students have done in the Garden. For more photos of the graduation, click here.

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